If you are still afraid of the power of Twitter this is a wakeup call for you. Twitter is the greatest place on earth for any purpose! There is no one single place on the universe that you can attract target audiences and reach millions and millions all at the same time. Keep reading as I will explain.

First the very reason I use Twitter is because it allows me to have a reach of about 11 million plus. Do I have 11 million plus followers? No! I do not and actually I don’t need 11 million followers to have a reach to 11 million plus Twitter users thanks to the Twitter cultural.

If you thought that getting tons of Twitter followers is what the purpose was all about, you really need to be reading this.

Actually I have a little over 2000 followers. So how can I reach 11 million plus Twitter profiles with just 2000 followers you ask? Well, I Tweet daily and to be painfully honest I Tweet excessively everyday because I know that I have the ability to reach 11 million plus using my 2000 followers I attracted on Twitter.

Every Twitter follower that you have is an endorsement and their followers along with their followers, followers are endorsements. The key is to target your Twitter audience concentrating on niches. I focus on luxury PR so much of everything related to my Twitter network is about luxury. Also keep in mind that luxury is also a perception. This allows me to focus on what kind of Twitter audience I want to target.

Here is how to validate my reach of 11 Million plus go to:


Reach is the number of followers a Twitter profile has (first-order followers), plus all of their followers (second-order followers). I think my reach now is over 11 million and close to 12 million. So it is important that you make sure that your followers are of quality and have quality followers following them. Why just getting followers to follow you requires more thought.

Should you be blogging for Tweets? Actually blogging for Tweets can triple your reach!

Michael Jackson’s tragic death is the top global news story right now. When you think of celebrities certainly you think of luxury so the topic is related to my subject niche in a way. How I spin it is what makes it newsworthy.

It has been almost impossible to make Google News with the fanfare surrounding celebrity deaths. We decided to focus on Michael Jackson’s PR and only that. This got us some Google News play and landed two stories on the front page results for Google News key search words “Michael Jackson PR”. Okay, being that I do represent a PR firm, I target what I specialize in. Every brand in the world can do the same surrounding news topics.

The story:

Is Michael Jackson’s New Publicist Ready to Handle Social Media PR?

We managed to get about close to 40 Tweets!! Resulting in Twitter users posting the story to their Twitter accounts and safe to say our reach results were tons and tons of millions!

See Twitter real time results on the story, click here

God I LOVE Twitter, R.I.P Michael Jackson

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