When it comes to luxury cognac the Remy Martin brand is likely one of the most recognized in the world. Which it should be giving that Remy Martin is the leading luxury cognac producer in France and the United States. I have always been a huge fan of their PR campaigns and marketing concepts. Their advertising campaigns have always been able to reach out and speak volumes.

Now Remy Martin is launching a new campaign that is designed to connect with their “polychrome target” consumers: influential, social, and multicultural urban males, ages 25 to 35. Presenting a traditional, experiential and interactive outdoor advertising entices consumers to uncover the secret of its “Things Are Getting Interesting” campaign.

The campaign was developed by La Comunidad.
According to La Comunidad the ad campaign features interpretive and interactive visuals from today’s nightlife scene. It uncovers an avant-garde world; a modern underground lounge.
Featuring out-of-home advertising in the New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, and Miami markets:

The out-of-home features include: bulletins, wildpostings, 30 and 8 sheets, and a three-dimensional, hi-tech, virtual window where consumers may interact with the campaign. “We are excited to introduce a different way to reach our consumers,” says Roberto Cruz, Brand Director of Remy Martin at RCUSA. “The interactive window that simulates an exclusive nightclub is currently in production.”

Feel the campaign experience go to http://www.getinteresting.com/

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