Beyonce Knowles first flashed her $5 million dollar wedding ring on the red carpet for Fashion Rocks at Radio City Music Hall in N.Y.C. The wedding ring was claimed by jeweler Lorraine Schwartz and said to be 18 carats valued at $5 million dollars.

Over the week-end Beyonce was seen in Miami with a total of 5 body guards making sure her $5 million dollar ring was well protected. Media buzz started to spread like wildfire that Beyonce took her rock to the beach!
Now, celebrity blogger Sandra Rose is reporting the $5 million dollar wedding ring Beyonce is wearing is a fake!

“Of course we here at already know that the supposed $5M wedding ring is fake. For one thing, jewelers usually step up to claim their custom work especially when its for a celebrity because it’s good for business.”

Rose even goes on to say that Beyonce was asked not to wear her “fake” wedding ring she’s been flaunting in our faces lately by an event organizer for the Miami Children’s hospital fundraiser and concert which Beyonce was the guest of honor.
All I can say if Beyonce’s ring is really a fake, this is the biggest fake since Betty Crocker!

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