Luxury spas can make a lot of money now that Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are BOTH blonde. Kim proves that she can create publicity for just being Kim, just like Paris does. While the former BFF may not be hanging out anymore the blonde PR storyline is just too tempting to pass up. Every luxury spa on the planet should be promoting “Get Kim Kardashian’s Blonde Style” or “Get Your Kim Kardashian’s Blonde Match”. Do something!

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton have a lot in common; both became really famous for being really famous. If you never considered how massive offering a service to complement celebrity appeal you have been missing out. Luxury spas can really benefit from celebrity stardom even if there are no direct relationships.

How about getting some celebrity gossip style attention for your luxury spa? Create a Kim Kardashian vs. Paris Hilton Blonde War! Now that’s hot.

Are you Kardashian or Hilton Blonde? Let us find your match.

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