For all your cooking needs this festive season, KitchenAid has launched its super-large 79-liter capacity single oven that comes with multiple specialized cooking functions, plus a turnspit for rotisserie cooking. The KOMS 6910 under-counter oven is styled in specially treated nanotechnology Easyclean stainless steel to ensure preservation of the exterior finish. It’s blue touch-control LCD text-assisted display for controls and information like pre-heating temperature information and shelf positioning advice. Additional features include high-quality telescopic shelves, five traditional cooking functions, including static, forced air, pastry, grill and turbo grill; three special cooking functions – top heat only, bottom heat only and defrost setting. Cooking will be more fun with this advanced oven, maybe, you helping out your mother or your girlfriend in Christmas dinner preparations is not a bad idea…what say you?

Via: InteriorsTalk

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