Recently, published an article claiming that Michael Jackson fired Legendary Promoter Leonard Rowe.

This an update to: Leonard Rowe Knows Much Unknown about Michael Jackson’s Life and Death

The document published on the website draws conclusion that:

1. The document is an authentic copy and was signed by Michael Jackson
2. Mr. Rowe received this document and knew about its existence
3. Mr. Rowe was fired by Michael Jackson

Please be advised that Mr. Rowe has made appearances on credible news media outlets. Mr. Rowe had a meeting at a luxury hotel with Michael Jackson three weeks before his death to discuss business matters as usual. There was no mention made during this critical last meeting that Mr. Rowe was being terminated or evidence presented to Mr. Rowe that he would be terminated.

Mr. Rowe has an authentic valid contract agreement that proves he was retained by Michael Jackson to oversee his financial business matters for the upcoming London tour. This contract is reviewed and presented to every media outlet that Mr. Rowe has appeared on.

Michael and Mr. Rowe remained longtime business associates and dear friends. Mr. Rowe has an extensive working friendship with the Jackson family.

It remains a mission for Mr. Rowe that Michael Jackson legacy lives on and that justice is served for any and every wrongful doing that resulted in his death.

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