The new blazing trend in luxury marketing is sponsored content and even social media networks want in on this engagement phenomenon. For luxury brands content marketing creates a better solution to communicate….but will the engagement be effective if it’s not coming from the best matched niche platform??

With the new policy, Facebook is introducing a new tool for publishers and influencers to tag marketing partners in the Page composer. In Facebook’s Ads Manager and Power Editor, there will be a “Sponsor” field. When marketers are tagged, they will be notified, have access to post-level data and have the option of sharing the post.

“This update is something that media companies, public figures, influencers and marketers have been asking for, as branded content is a growing and evolving part of the media landscape,” Facebook said in announcing the new policy.

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Just like with advertising content marketing also requires a closely matched niche platform to reach desired target audiences. Now, for luxury brand management sponsored content marketing will serve best when the platform promoting content is influential for luxury subject matter…if not the engagement will lack luster to accomplish influencing a purchase. Which content marketing purpose along with engagement should also be to educate and inform instilling a demand to act on doing something.

When luxury brands partner with a luxury niche platform it gives the content marketing a story line to remain authentic and credible which creates sustainability and influential value.

Sponsored: Are luxury brands in trouble? The three ranked as the top searched brands by Chinese consumers on Baidu, China’s search engine equivalent to Google, according to a report by Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML).

“While we cannot  say internet search frequency guarantees or even accurately reflects a brand’s strength or profitability, in our view, it does offer valuable insight  into consumer interest and brand mind share, and may be a leading indicator of future market-share moves,” said BAML analysts Luo Chen, Tina Long, Lucy Yu and Kevin Zhao.

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Can social media networks pull this off for luxury brands? Well, so far luxury brands did not see the expected returns when advertising on social media. Which is why niche luxury platforms like MC will still be very relevant when it comes to sponsored content marketing. According to for “Luxury PR Media” MC controls over 20% of search traffic marketshare. Search traffic for top keywords is what niche luxury platforms can offer luxury brands when it comes to producing superior content marketing results.

The fact is people are emotional and they search to fix problems. When wanting to learn more about luxury brands easily a person will search for “Luxury PR Media” as a common request. This is still an area that social media can’t solve and where Google organic search dominates. The more organic the search traffic rank produces a stronger marketshare position.

This also holds true when looking for apps to solve a problem. Where generally the search is conducted inside the a desired app marketplace such as Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store so on…


If you would like to promote a press release or content marketing story line for a luxury brand on MC the cost starts at only $250, drive more business and leads!

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