All the talk in Hollywood is about PRVCY Jeans which all started with a luxury brand social media campaign being endorsed by celebrities. The impact of luxury social media campaigns is the new luxury brand marketing appeal. Many luxury brands are focused on giveaway contests to attract a cult following of fans and followers. Omni Ventures, Inc. targeting the ultra luxury consumer through social media seems to be a success.

How luxury brand social media works:

Omni Ventures, Inc launches a campaign operation called “INVASION OF PRVCY“. A luxury social media campaign kicks off with celebrity Tweets on Twitter. For instance Denise Richards and Paris Hilton Tweet to their followers about a PRVCY Jeans Giveaway, enter now click here.

What makes social media effective is active engagement and giving back with valuable information or giveaways. Hilton Tweets “I love PRVCY Jeans They’re giving away a pair of jeans like mine to a lucky winner! Follow!/prvcycouture.” 

The impact of celebrity luxury brand social media endorsements has already increased the number of @prvcycouture followers to surge and thousands of visitors came to the Company’s website engaging in interactive discussion about its products and looking to buy them both online and retail.

As the result of this positive beta marketing test the Company is planning to engage professional social media marketing agencies with the purpose of aggressively expanding beyond the traditional fashion PR efforts, routinely conducted by most of the apparel companies, into the social media marketing space, preferred as the source of vital information for purchasing decisions by the vast majority of the Company’s target customer groups.

According to a new study by The Nielsen Company, celebrity endorsers still are powerful forces for brands to use to support themselves. In analyzing the results of that study, the Center for Media Research concluded: “Celebrities can be valuable to advertisers, but so too can the people who follow them on social media websites,” says a study from Nielsen’s NetView Internet usage from 3rd quarter 2010 and @Plan Release 4 2010.

According to the study 64% of adult U.S. Internet users who follow a celebrity also follow a brand, which means the celebrity follower is four times more likely to follow a brand than the average U.S. adult online.

Omni is diligently continuing its marketing efforts and is working to have national Fashion Publications pick up placements with Media company’s expressing interest and requesting “look books.”

I believe the power of look books in social media to be extremely effective. Further, the resources to build brand awareness and credibility through luxury brand social media will also be key to attract organic social media celebrity endorsements. That would mean celebrity endorsements that are not paid.

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