Luxury Buzzwords 2014

For the luxury industry 2014 is all about buzzwords engagement and content marketing promotions. A luxury buzzword is generally a word or phrase that is influential to attract high net-worth consumers. Use of luxury buzzwords are designed to impress and target consumers to buy luxury goods, products, and services.

These are the hottest luxury buzzwords for 2014 that drive luxury sales and consumer influence.

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Luxury Travel



Digital Detox

Family Time

Experiential Travel

Intimacy Travel

Shorter Trips

Remoteness Travel

Sustainability Travel

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Luxury Retail

Instagram Starlets

Personalized Engagement

Customizable Experience

Accessible Luxury

Yummie – Yummy – Yummly Man

Pinteresting Style

Tumblr Luxury

Bespoke Luxury

eTailing Experience


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Luxury Brand

Infinitely Luxury

Accessible Brand

Class Luxury

.Luxury Domain

Zero Moment Of Truth

Artisan Luxury

Luxury Autograph

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Luxury Real Estate

Luxury Renting

Luxury Lifestyle

Imported Designs

Designer Fountains

Profitability Investment

Physical Residency

Desirable Location

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Luxury Cars

Affordable Luxury

High-End Luxury

Authenticity Design

Craftsmanship Build

Swappable Body

Customizable Details

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