As if the bad publicity for Lexus could not get any worst! Lexus has always enjoyed being the King of accessible luxury cars for ten years in the U.S.

Mercedes-Benz held the honorable title for leading luxury vechile sales in the United States before dethroned by Lexus. However, the results of Lexus recalls over the present year such as accelerator pedals, floor mats, leaking gas tanks and defective valve-springs has resulted in some bad luxury PR for the company.

The efforts that have increased the sales gain of Mercedes-Benz has a lot to do with their investment of targeting consumers wanting to purchase more accessible luxury. Generating tons of publicity and exposure for the release of their new E-Class proved to be a smart PR move. Targeting and capturing an audience with an affordable luxury product during an economic recession.

This has proven to be a great opportunity for BMW too, scheduled to publish second-quarter results on August 3rd, 2010. BMW has also vested their exposure interest in more accessible luxury products. The company plans to export 10,000 3-Series vehicles built in Munich to China this year to meet additional demand, as reported by spokesman Michael Rebstock.

Last month, the sales of Lexus went up by merely 2.7 percent in contrast to the 25 percent and 15 percent boost in sales of Mercedes and BMW respectively.

Lexus will need to focus on gaining the trust back of U.S. consumers. The once highly respected luxury car maker must focus on PR communications about the quality and development of products and services.

Looking forward to seeing Lexus at the top again!

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  1. I am a Benz fan for life.

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