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Luxury is lifestyle perception through a feeling of comfort and extravagant living. Luxurious goods, products, and services are often associated with the nature of luxury lifestyle. Affluence strongly identifies luxury goods, products, and services not intended for the masses. The history concept of luxury dates back to the beginning of civilization. Luxury perception was present among ancient western and eastern empires. Elite classes benefited from luxury lifestyle over social classes. Today presence of luxury lifestyle exists as an important element in modern societies defining the elite from the masses.


It may be harder to define luxury for non-practitioners because the concept of luxury is a vast perception. With more luxury products, goods, and services no longer being exclusive and made for mass accessibility. Often considered “affordable luxury” being available for the masses. However, true luxury is not mass production and is limited edition.


Never should luxury goods, products, or services be defined as luxury by higher price. However, most luxury goods are priced higher in the marketplace because of the cost to produce quality for luxurious offerings. Affluent consumers purchase luxury goods not by higher price but emotional connections to luxury brands.


World's Best Luxury Brands


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Luxury Digital Media


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