The reason Burberry most likely has more Facebook fans than any other luxury brand may be their digital media savvy moves. Often the biggest request that I hear from luxury brands is that they want to attract a stronger following online. Particularly luxury brands are seeking to target Twitter and Facebook audiences. Right now Twitter PR is the hottest trend in luxury PR. Many luxury brands have even taken the plunge into social media and really not happy with their end results.

Last week I revealed the top five reasons why most luxury brands fail in social media environments. The first question I ask most luxury brands is always “who is managing your social media PR?” It is necessary for luxury brands to understand that online communications is a significant part of their brand awareness and identity.

How-to Make A Luxury Brand Digital Media Savvy:

1. Evaluate Value Perception

What is the perception of your luxury brand online? What is your luxury brand known for digitally? Do you have a strong following of supporters or more negative critics online?

2. Attract Target Profiles

Are you engaging target audiences for your luxury brand online? Do you have a following of ideal fans, customers, clients, readers? Are you utilizing the most resourceful online networks to attract target audiences?

3. Promote Expertise Experience

Do you offer expert advice about luxury products, goods, and services online? Do you hold credibility for your luxury brand experience and knowledge? Is your luxury brand ranked among top results in the major search engines for your expertise?

4. Digital Corporate Identity

Is your luxury brand eye candy corporate appealing digitally speaking? Do you have a professionally designed digital corporate identity that represents your luxury goods, products, and services online?

5. Build Digital Relationships

Have you established online strategic alliances and relationships that add value to your luxury brand?

6. Niche Promotions Relations

Are you overlooking sponsorships and promotions in niche social media environments?

With a strategic plan and approach any luxury brand can target, engage, and attract a strong online following. Online branding adds credibility and value to a luxury brand.

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