Internet marketing experts are in the hottest demand and every brand big or small is seeking to attract consumers online. Internet marketing pros claim to hold the secret sauce for organic SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking on the first page, of course.

Think about how powerful it would be to have an organic ranking on the first page of Google for a luxury offering? i.e. organic rank (NOT paid) on Google for luxury PR, we did it!

Why is it so important for first page SERPs ranking for keyword searches? If you have a product, service, or cause you want to promote it to the biggest matched target audiences. When it comes to Internet marketing organic SERPs is still the most powerful resource to engage and attract audiences. Web 2.0 platforms add value to increase exposure, sustainability, and credibility. Social media is a primary solution to build brand awareness to expand on the above.

Internet Marketing Blueprint announced in a blog post today that they have been building a massive research tool to do Internet marketing research, according to them like no one has done ever before. Which they point out that they reviewed approximately 60,000 popular internet marketing keywords. Telling us to stay tuned because they will announce even more results found in their research after the holidays. I am so excited and I can’t wait!

However, Internet Marketing Blueprint did reveal information today vital to every Internet campaign.

Interesting fact #1 – 15% of all keywords had an Ezine article in the top 10 listings!

– This is likely a strong probability because I myself use as a promotional tool. Additionally I am ranked as a Top Business/PR author on among the strongest 15% 1- 15.

Interesting fact #2 – Excluding Ezine articles, roughly 7% of the keywords had at least 1 web 2.0 platform in the top 10 listings.

– I could support this finding because our luxury PR firm has been able to even organic rank Twitter pages in keyword searches.

Example: Keywords “Urban Luxury” ranks in the top 5% on Google. We maintain the project @UrbanLuxury on Twitter.

Interesting fact #3 – Squidoo, Hubpages, youtube, and facebook all had about the same penetration (roughly 2.5% of the keywords) …, typepad, dig, and scribed were about 1/2 the of those…coming in at about 1-1.25% of the keywords.

– I agree with these results, however, niche keywords may hold a stronger ranking value for penetration among these outlets.

Interesting fact #4 – was the big winner. For a keyword that has a web 2.0 platform in the top 10 organic results, it’s almost 3x more likely to be than anything else!

– 100% agree with this finding! The main reason why our Mosnar Communications, Inc BLOG is specifically a However, content has a lot to do with success so make sure you work with an expert. Same goes for writing Ezine articles. If the content message is not newsworthy forget about results and delivery.

Their Conclusion Revealed:


“Well…I’ve always had a lot of respect for the potential traffic from an Ezine article…but, perhaps not THAT much respect. It’s a pretty amazing statistic…and the first conclusion…is that Ezine should become an even more serious part of your marketing efforts.

In Addition, obviously…if you want to use a web 2.0 platform to enter the SERPS…seems like it’s a no brainer to use … owned by Google of course…but, I’m certain that has nothing to do with it.”

My Conclusion:

Theory guides research and content attraction is a starting point.

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