Luxury Smash Publicize


Our luxury audiences value and trust recommendations from feature articles on … Need a solution for content marketing for luxury goods


10 Reason Why Luxury Smash Publicize Will Increase Luxury Sales



Ideal for luxury brands, luxury PR firms, luxury marketing companies, luxury advertising agencies, and more….

Through the “Luxury Smash Publicize” offer a luxury brand can receive exposure on as a sponsored Article Feature story “Content Marketing”…. A laser targeted luxury marketing platform for our affluent network and successful business decision makers in the luxury industry worldwide.

Luxury Smash Publicize presents the perfect solution to engage luxury consumers. A quick fix for luxury brands to connect and engage potential customers immediately ready to buy luxury goods on a much deeper level.

This will allow luxury brands to vastly increase transactions for purchases when it comes to luxury goods, products, and services. Creating better rewards for customer retention at a fraction of operating costs for other promotional channels.

How It Works?

Upon approval an press release or promotion is submitted to about luxury goods, products, or services.

Data Science Research will conduct data science research to tell the luxury brand story and highlight the sponsored Article Feature for publication. Introduced and recommended as a superior luxury offering by

Please contact Ann Lane via to express an interest in Luxury Smash Publicize in confidence.

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