Introducing WannaJet the first ever fixed price for seats on private flights! WannaJet is now available in the U.S. with over 60 domestic routes.  This service offers a solution for frequent flyers of Business Class flights normally traveling on commercial airlines to experience a new luxury with private flights. The target client is a demographic audience comparable to business class fares.

How WannaJet Works:

WannaJet allows passengers to book seats on private jets, thus allowing 4-6 passengers to share the cost of the private jet charter. By sharing private flights, WannaJet will be able to cut the overhead costs involved with private jets, thus decreasing the price by 80% per person, and making it comparable to commercial airline Business Class fares.

With no membership fee, WannaJet has the most competitive pricing for private jet charter as well as the most convenient and efficient booking process. The booking process is fully automated through the WannaJet website; in just 1 minute a traveler can book a seat on the jet. The website also shows exact routes available, the number of passengers booked and their final price. Therefore, WannaJet is able to provide each traveler with a ticket to his/her destination at a price and process that is comparable to that of Business Class flights, with all the luxury of private jet service.

Can’t wait to test out my first fixed rate private flight!

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