Twenty seven French cities have come together to promote their many assets, plus offer a dream trip to a lucky winner.

Atout France – the France Tourism Development Agency, along with their Cities Promotion club, Air France and Rail Europe, has just launched a major media campaign called Top French Cities: Map Your Way Through the Urban Gems of France to highlight some of France’s top regional cities.

Menton France

The campaign includes a quiz that matches participants to different cities in France, ranging from the beautiful southern cities of Marseille, Montpellier and Nice to the bustling northern cities of Reims, Dijon and Nancy, where wine, gastronomy and culture are at its best. Participants will find out their city match after deciding if they prefer Riesling to Champagne, if they’d rather spend their evening at a museum or the theatre, and if they would rather be surrounded by Gothic or Art Deco architecture, among other questions. Participants will also get access to exclusive deals and insider tips from the cities themselves.

Consumers are invited to use #TopFrenchCities to be part of the conversation on Twitter.

The campaign will reach nearly four million people, including subscribers of The New York Times, Lonely Planet, Food & Wine, Luxury Travel Magazine and Saveur.

About Atout France-the France Tourism Development Agency

Atout France is a government agency whose role is to promote and develop France’s tourism sector as a whole. As the French government’s sole operator regarding the promotion of all aspects of tourism in France, Atout France provides information to the general public and services and events for tourism professionals. The agency works in partnership with public and private organizations and companies involved in the tourism industry, i.e. over 1100 members representing the whole spectrum of France’s tourism sector. Its network is made up of 350 people working in 33 offices in 28 countries.

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