So you managed to get at least over 100 followers to follow your luxury brand on Twitter. Great job? Well, do you understand the concept of what you should be doing once you get Twitter followers interested in following your luxury brand?

Don’t worry if you have NO clue, after reviewing the luxury brands using Twitter it is evident that almost HALF don’t know what to do with their followers. Actually, it looks like they just want tons of Twitter followers and that is all you should be doing right? How very wrong this concept is and I even talked about Three Steps for Luxury Brands to Measure Twitter PR Success last week.

Three Easy Steps How to Engage Twitter Followers For Luxury Branding:

1. Twitter Audiences – Luxury brands should target Twitter audiences that are a MATCH for their luxury brands! It will be necessary to implement key search words in your TWEETS to attract LUXURY audiences to follow your luxury brand on Twitter.

2. Following Promotions – Who your luxury brand is following on Twitter sends a message to your followers! You should certainly consider following ALL of the media outlets covering your luxury industry and seek to follow profiles on Twitter relevant to your luxury brand image.

3. Re-Tweeting Buzz – This is what every luxury brand should be doing! First, you need to be informative so that your followers Re-Tweet your Tweets! Now, don’t expect to receive and never give. So of course your luxury brand should be Re-tweeting, too.

Keep tweeting and re-tweeting!!!!

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