Meet .Zil!

Without question, the Internet is so big and still big when it comes to securing longstanding sustainable brilliance.

What could possibly be even bigger than the Internet, is “Blockchain” so prepare now for a global takeover and disruption to the practice of luxury marketing.

Introducing .Zil

Zilliqa “Zil” is a high-throughput blockchain platform that achieves over 2,828 transactions per second in its testnet by the implementation of sharding.

Zilliqa’s smart contract language, “Scilla,” is safe by design and addresses several known security vulnerabilities in existing languages.

Working as a functional programming language that allows for static checks and formal verifications, developers will also be able to easily conduct thorough checks to ensure that their smart contracts behave as intended.

Essentially, this could offer solutions to solve the problem of counterfeit and fake luxury goods circulation forever.

Additionally, Zilliqa’s Blockchain platform will disrupt the luxury marketplace through appraisal evaluations and transparency.

Introducing informative data to help luxury consumers by ensuring clear provenance and valuation, while minimizing the risk for fraud and counterfeiting.

Disrupting Luxury Marketing

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If you own or oversee a luxury brand, it will be essential to own a Blockchain Domain name!!

Love it, like it, or hate it…still, cryptocurrency is here to stay.

So it’s time to start preparing to implement crypto payments into your luxury marketing plan today.

#Sponsored, Zilliqa Naming Service (ZNS), is being developed by Unstoppable Domains and is currently available for testing on the Zilliqa testnet.

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To pre-order is only $10 and $250 for premium. However, many options will not be available on the ZNS until the day of auction on 5/31/2019!

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The complete launch for Blockchain Domain services will launch in June this year.

  1. Through a Blockchain Domain, luxury brands will have the alternative ability to replace cryptocurrency addresses with human-readable keywords!
  2. A Blockchain Domain also allows the ability to enable censorship resistant websites.

To secure the best Blockchain Domain human-readable keywords its best to pre-order ASAP!

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Already, top luxury keywords are taken so don’t miss out.

  • LuxuryCars.Zil (Taken)
  • Luxury.Zil (Only Available At Auction 5/31/19)
  • LuxuryGoods.Zil (Available at the time this article was released)
  • LuxuryHouse.Zil (Available at the time this article was released)
  • LuxuryTravel.Zil (Available at the time this article was released)
  • LuxuryRealEstate.Zil (Available at the time this article was released)
  • Fashion.Zil (Only Available At Auction 5/31/19)
  • FashionPR (Available at the time this article was released)
  • Diamond.Zil (Only Available At Auction 5/31/19)
  • Beauty.Zil (Only Available At Auction 5/31/19)
  • BeautyPR.Zil (Available at the time this article was released)

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