Sometimes you get, WOW gifts and sometimes you get WOO Wow gifts. According to Us Magazine, Michelle Obama has a gift coming her way that I feel just might make her say, woo wow! I don’t know what celebrity handbag designer Timmy Woods was thinking when he created a handbag based on the signs used by Barack Obama’s campaign at rallies and speeches.

Well, looks like he was thinking that he plans to give the bag to Michelle Obama to wear in public! And not just in public but to the Democratic Convention next week.

“I hope she will get it in time to wear to the convention [next week],” Woods – whose work was featured on Sex and the City – said in a statement.

There are still some good factors about the bag. The bag is made from Acacia Wood and a portion of the sales will go to charity.

I have to ask, ladies would you wear this handbag? Would or should Michelle Obama wear this handbag? I personally would not be caught dead or alive with this creation of a handbag.

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