Looks like the PR front is up and just maybe all of American Idol’s judges have a reason to fear the new kid on the block. If not, they should. Well, Paula Abdul is certainly not holding anything back. She told OK Weekly that adding a fourth judge was a mistake. Is Paula a hater?
Kara DioGuardi has quickly won the hearts of critics and fans. Top this; critics are even calling DioGuardi’s addition as a fourth judge for the show a much needed breath of fresh air. Even the Emmy Awards is considering adding a new category for judges of reality TV shows. Wow, DioGuardi is a big hit.
So what is a girl (judge) to do? Start a catfight in the media? After all, this year Paula’s contract is up for renewal. She keeps talking about all of the other things she wants to do. A sort of I quit you and not you quitting me. Are we watching Bravo’s Real Housewives or American Idol? Hard to tell these days!

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