Like many others I have remained a huge Barack Obama fan throughout this election. As I have stated before, what can I say he had me at YouTube! However, today is a new day and one full of promise.

You see I too needed change like most Americans but maybe for selfish reasons. My husband was deeply rooted in the real estate finance industry, which is his love and passion. In the real estate industry we have had to take lemons and turn them into lemonade (NO easy task today in virtually any market). My devoted love for my family and dreams for my daughter’s future was my driving stake in this election.

My passion has always been the media, first career love hands down. Obama was able to cast his media darling spell on me like he did on everyone else. I loved reporting anything positive Obama and most often stayed away from things negative Obama. When we did cover the negative as Chief Editor of this blog and cofounder/ lead publicist of this PR firm I made sure we put a positive Obama twist on it.

When I heard Sen. John McCain congratulate Obama I thought wow this guy is a real class act! He could have elected to leave out important key points that he made clear in his speech. However, McCain acknowledged history and hope for a better tomorrow.

The most important thing to remember is that at the end of the day we are all still Americans. We must all work together to build a better future. While being exceedingly wealthy is not a top priority for me anymore. The real estate meltdown has taught my family what really matters in life.

McCain with all of his wealth shines so bright that he is humble and ready to make a change. I am happy to stand beside John McCain supporting our 44th President Barack Obama!

Please join me America

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