Not surprisingly Lowe’s former Nanny is fighting back. She retained headlining attorney Gloria Allred, while Lowe has retained Stanton “Larry” Stein. Now, we should see some really interesting headliners from this storyline as it plays out in the media.
Source: People
In a statement read on Tuesday’s Today show – while Gibson was being interviewed with her attorney Gloria Allred – the Lowes’ attorney, Stanton “Larry” Stein, said: “Ms. Gibson’s older sister worked for the Lowes for 7 years. Ms. Gibson worked for the Lowes on and off for 7 years. She left at least 2 times, to pursue other jobs, and returned each time asking for more hours. She sent 2 emails the day after she left, both saying she loved the Lowes and her leaving had nothing to do with them but her heart wasn’t into being a nanny anymore.
Rob Lowe’s former nanny filed a lawsuit Monday claiming the actor repeatedly exposed himself and inappropriately touched her. Jessica Gibson, 24, worked for Lowe and his wife, Sheryl, off and on for seven years, according to an 18-page document filed Monday in a Santa Barbara, Calif. court. Gibson quit on Feb. 24. Lowe, 44, the lawsuit further alleges, “placed his hand inside Gibson’s pants” several times from about Sept. 2005 to around Jan. 2008. The actor also allegedly grabbed her buttocks without her consent around Dec. 2007, according to the filing.

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