The headlines are buzzing about Detroit’s Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and most likely will not let up. After all it was the free press investigation that actually broke the story.

If you work for and serve the people it is a good idea to not lie to them. If you are communicating with the public and using the media to do so it is a bad idea to lie.

Mayor Kilpatrick could have come clean about his affair or maybe could have even kept his mouth shut. Instead he attempted to put on a PR stunt to represent that he is an ethical and faithful husband. Many celebrities will allow their egos to crave publicity stardom and get caught up. In this case Mayor Kilpatrick really got caught up and his affair was ultimately exposed for everyone to see.

It is evident that Mayor Kilpatrick at the time did not have a strategic plan or approach to communicate his message to the people. If you really want people to believe that you love your wife you should tell the story of how you both fell in love. If you want people to believe that you are faithful you should show how committed you are to your family, job, etc. Reveal things that are done big and small to show unity and sustainability.

Mayor Kilpatrick’s PR stunt would have achieved his goal if he only showed the love for his wife and how committed he was to the City of Detroit. It was not necessary for the Mayor at the time to make statements. PR is how the public perceives you! Create a great newsworthy story and brand a public image perception.

Mayor charged with 8 felonies, vows fight

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