Sadly most companies still see public relations also known as PR as a luxury. While PR can help to build credibility which strongly helps to contribute to increase revenue returns, the value of the services is not received by many companies.  So usually PR is one of the first services to get cut especially when outsourced.
So how can PR firms survive in a downtime economy when most companies view the services as a luxury over a need? Well, I strongly suggest targeting clients with online publicity exposure. This is the new PR engagement, try using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Most companies are on Twitter and Facebook but not receiving a big return because they really need PR professional skills to help attract and engage audiences online. Many companies think that Twitter and Facebook are just sales and promotional channels. Therefore missing golden opportunities to target, attract, and engage audiences to build credibility.
Managing and updating Facebook pages are great solutions to help companies target and attract audiences through search engine optimization. Using PR skills to build online credibility for search words expertise to enhance brand awareness for companies. This allows the companies to develop a strategic plan and approach to expand social media interactions.
By utilizing Twitter PR firms can even offer sponsored tweets, which companies pay you to promote their ads to specific target audiences. As a luxury PR firm we have created numerous Twitter profile pages to engage and attract specific target audiences.
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