Okay, the word is out the next China of luxury is certainly India. Luxury brands are working hard to penetrate India’s luxury market. Those that do it right can sustain the downturn economic climate. However, the key will be how to effectively target India as a luxury market.
Is luxury new to India? Of course not riches date back to pre-British times as well as post-British era. I don’t feel that European luxury brands will have a hard time capturing India. What I feel that they will need to work on is how they will engage India’s luxury market. Western luxury brands in particular will need to understand cultural elements and strategic approaches to promote luxury goods into the environment.  They will need to do this to gain credibility and secure luxury brand awareness.
So how do you go about connecting your luxury brand to India’s luxury market? You must engage, present luxury lifestyle with cultural perspectives, etc. Social media networking has made it much easier to promote luxury world wide. However, remember you never get a second chance to undo first impressions. If you don’t really know how to launch a social media PR campaign hire some who does. The stakes are too high and India’s luxury market is a critical part of the luxury market share.
I feel that The Times of India is one of the leading media outlets for India. Visit their website to get an understanding of what is considered newsworthy for coverage. Learn how to target your desired audience effectively. Theory guides research.

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