What a celebration! This is the IT event of the year and even some big name celebrities can’t score tickets. So how do you land an invitation to an A-List Inaugural ball? Well, first understand that there will be thousands of Inaugural Balls celebrating Obama’s BIG night.

The best way to celebrate Obama’s BIG night is to make sure that you are in good company. If that consist of partying at home with friends, just make sure to have a ball!
So where are the Hottest Obama Inaugural Balls being held? Here is a list of A-List Obama Inaugural Balls: Official and Unofficial
Official Inaugural Balls:

A-List Unofficial Inaugural Balls

Association of America’s Presidential Inauguration Charity Ball for
Feeding America : “Rihanna to Perform!”

There will be thousands and thousands of celebrations for Obama! Whatever you do please remember to have a ball!

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Official Obama Tribute Song! “Who Would Have Thought

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