I continue to announce that Hip Hop Media is an accent to the luxury industry. In fact, I even created the term Luxury Hip Hop Media, which I have found in PR campaigns, makes Hip Hop marketable to high-end luxury brands.

Now, all eyes are on WoooHa, Inc the creators of the site WoooHa.com and for very good reasons. Looks like WoooHa has found a niche that has been under addressed in the Hip Hop market. According WoooHa, Inc the main goals for them was to become a source for hip-hop fans where they could see all the latest business ventures, movies, fashion lines, etc. that their favorite artist is working on.

What WoooHa, Inc discovered was that artist publicists, product and fashion companies, record labels and movie studios started requesting to showcase latest marketing ideas, movies in the works, fashion lines, ad campaigns and more.

Finding a win-win, WoooHa, Inc created a new voting feature called the Mogul Meter! This allows faithful readers to VOTE their opinions. An idea that I not only like but LOVE!

WoooHa, Inc feels that this presents for readers to choose what will be the next hottest trends in hip-hop business and entertainment and who will be the next mogul of hip-hop.

They plan to every month compile the results of the best and the worst of the Mogul Meter as rated by the readers. Results will be detailed in their WoooHa, Inc. Industry Hot Sheet & Mogul Meter.

Just how BIG is this concept? Well, the Hot Sheet is going out to Interscope Records, Capitol Records, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox and a handful of major music and entertainment PR firms.

The only problem I see WoooHa, Inc having is getting their readers to actually VOTE! This is a great concept and it could make history for Hip Hop! There is a strong connection of high-end luxury to the Hip Hop world and this is a solution to keep a watchful eye. This niche is so specific and needs sites dedicated to Luxury Hip Hop Media.

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