Here is some insider information on blogs! Lucky I can’t be penalized like Martha Stewart was, at least I hope I will not be. Do you know who’s who of blogging? Well, that’s simple just go to Technorati, they track more than 1.5 million new blog posts in real time every day. They like to refer to themselves as the leading blog search engine. You can even review a blog’s rank and popularity, not bad.

The biggest battle of blogs is among the top media and marketing blogs, an elite list housed at AdAge Power 150. Actually, it is the battle of PR and marketing blogs showing off expertise creating buzz. The people at the top of the list control the power of the social media buzz. If you are lucky enough to make it on the list, you can stir some buzz of your own.

Taking all of this into consideration you can click over to Dane Carlson’s blog to find out if your blog has any value. Keep in mind that value of your blog varies from day to day. Meaning, you have to keep your Technorati ranking up to hold value of net worth. Told you, blogs are so much like stocks! Other factors like Google page rank, Yahoo back links, and more drive the value of your blog upward.

How to turn blogging into profits?

Well, first you have to promote your blog! You can blog on subject matters to bring in new business, attract investors, add value to your company, etc. Having a blog is vital for every business and if you are not blogging you certainly should start today. Who knows what your blog could be worth tomorrow!

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