Everyone thinks that having thousands of Twitter followers is the thing to do. Having tons of followers on Twitter certainly helps but interacting with and engaging your followers it what builds your Twitter brand exposure.

MOST celebs are selective about who they follow and especially who they send out Tweets. Not Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard @DwightHoward, which a research of his Tweets will show he is one friendly celeb on Twitter. How do we know it is Dwight Howard? Well Twitter has verified his account and yes it is the one and only Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard!

On Twitter Dwight interacts with other celebs as well as ordinary people, non celebrities!

@NatiaExotica12 Bio says, Im Puerto Rican! I Sing! I Love Dwight Howard!=]

Dwight now follows @NatiaExotica12!

He has a tendency to follow the pretty girls or just send them Tweets. Obviously Dwight is taken with an online pretty face he also uses Twitter to Tweet to his friends and engages in conversations among Twitter users.

Dwight Howard is doing a great job using Twitter as the ultimate branding tool. He understands his target audience and truly interacts with his fans. Social media is an engaging environment which more celebs need to learn how to engage their audiences. Online branding is the most valuable part of building stardom and sustaining.

Visit his website that he promotes on Twitter: http://www.dwighthoward.com/

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