The recession is here and luxury spas and resorts have an opportunity to really turn up some profits. People are stressed today more than ever and luxury spas and resorts offer a solution to reduce stress. Think of reducing stress as an opportunity to increase quality of life.

What should luxury spas and resorts be doing to attract people? Other than wearing a T-Shirt that says “I know Where to Reduce Stress!”

There are tons of advantages luxury spas and resorts have because of the recession to attract consumers.

HOT right now are media-spas and spa cuisines! Focusing on the health benefits of what a luxury spa treatment or luxury resort stay can offer. Doctors say less stress helps you live longer. Implement programs that add value to luxury spa and resort business models. Consider male spa treatments, group spa treatments and health benefactor services, etc.

Luxury spas and resorts need to turn up the publicity volume on the features and benefits their services provide. Capture brand exposure and awareness for improving quality of life. Toot the horn about luxury spa and resort services being GOOD for you!

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