Nobody and I do mean nobody can under estimate the power and influence Sarah Palin holds in the political world. She has always been groomed as the political brand to be compared to President Barack Obama. Now, remember I am talking brand not political accomplishments. If you understand politics you will understand that brand influence is all political.

Noted President Obama top agenda is health care and as the ladies on The View put it.

“His health bill, he ain’t walking away from this,” said Barbara Walters.

“No, he’s not walking away from it,” replied Whoopi Goldberg. “You know why? Because he knows I want what they have. Mr. President, I want the health care that you have!”

President Obama has an upcoming agenda that will strongly impact his health care bill. On Sunday during a Super Bowl interview President Obama expressed to Katie Couric that he has invited both parties Democratic and Republican to a health care meeting on February 25, 2010. Never under estimate President Obama and his ability to win credibility for his brand.

This meeting is scheduled to take place at the Blair House which is across the street from the White House. President Obama says that he wants to look at specific Republican ideas and he plans to ask questions about what they intend to do about the health crisis in the United States.

What kind of questions will President Obama ask?

“I think that what I want to do is to look at the Republican ideas that are out there and I want to be very specific: How do you guys want to lower costs? How do you guys intend to reform the insurance markets so people with preexisting conditions, for example, can get health care? How do you want to make sure that the 30 million people who don’t have health insurance can get it? What are your ideas specifically?” Obama told Couric.

Which political brand do you think is stronger, Brand Obama or Brand Palin?

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  1. Greg says:

    My money is on Palin, her star is rising, and as more and more people wake up to the reality that 0bama is nothing but a teleprompter reading toady of George Soros, and a personal empty suit, Palin's star will rise even more.

    Some examples: when 0bama campaigned for Coakley in MA, he had trouble drawing 2,000 people in downtown Boston. When both
    0bama and Biden were at the Univ of Tampa last week, the same thing happened, problem giving tickets away and they had trobule getting 2,000 takes. Meanwhile, on Friday Palin drew over 6,000 people who paid for tickets to see her at the Salina KS Chamber of Commerce. On Saturday 1,100 people each paid $350 to see her in Nashville. On Sunday about 10,000 people showed up to see her at a rally for Rick Perry in TX. Today, Palin will be giving a speech in Redding, CA, actually 2 speeches, one in the afternoon the other in the evening, for the same place. They sold so many tickets that they are having her give 2 speeches. The Daytona Beach Chamber of Commerce has moved her event on Feb 15th to a much bigger venue due to the sale of tickets.

    Thousands willing to pay for the opportunity to see Palin, few willing to take free tickets to listen to 0bama.

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