Maybe thanks to American Idol the Miss America pageant as we know it is going reality style. Actually, allowing voters to decide the fate of who walks away with the crown. The Miss America Pageant has been around for 88 years and I do think that it is certainly time for a change. In order for brands to sustain it is necessary to make sure that you are correctly speaking to and targeting your audiences.

According AP writer Kathleen Hennessey as reported on Fox 5 (LAS VEGAS), It’s been slow and not necessarily painless, but Miss America is moving into the 21st century — one well-practiced, high-heeled step at a time.
Last year, she got a reality show complete with absurd challenges and snarky judges. Then she was given an updated look, courtesy of the makeover specialists at the cable network TLC, her current television home.
This year, she’s moving closer to the viewer-voting format that made “American Idol” a star.
For the first time, four contestants will be voted into the pageant finals by viewers of “Miss America: Countdown to the Crown,” the four-part reality series culminating Friday on TLC. The viewer favorites will be named along with 11 other finalists at the pageant airing live at 8 p.m. EST Saturday from the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.
I must admit I am a true diehard Miss America fan! I will be watching. Feel free to visit the Miss America blog, right here

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