Firstly, let me express that I am a huge FAN of Caroline Kennedy who I am proudly naming our Political American Princess! As this lady represents all that is good in America and I know that she will serve the people of NYC well. I just might consider moving to NYC if Kennedy is appointed to replace Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Senate, I just might!

Caroline Kennedy, who is 51 and the only surviving child of former President John F. Kennedy has avoided the publicity spotlight! What a great PR Stunt to now surface as the frontrunner for the Senate seat in New York.

Not only does Caroline know the power of her brand name but so does the world! This is called building a brand with sustainability. It was never really necessary for Caroline to receive major media coverage and she seemed to like living a private life. However, now she is ready to emerge into the publicity spotlight.

Hat’s off to Caroline Kennedy our Political American Princess!

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