During economic downtimes employees have to find ways to start making themselves indispensible to employers. Just the other day a friend revealed that her job was starting to lay people off and some of these people she said were really good at what they did.

Troubled by what my friend told me I searched for a solution that could help people who want to start being indispensible to their bosses. No easy task, as lay offs start so does the competition to keep jobs. However, using some simple PR strategies can help land you on the keep list over toss.

So what is the one thing that every boss/employer will absolutely love you for? FREE publicity! You see publicity is worth a lot of money and it also helps your company to receive brand exposure. The more exposure the more possibilities for new accounts, clients, customers, buyers, you name it. Now, you see why your boss will LOVE you for publicity.

How to become a publicity rock star for your company?

1. Start making trade publications – If you have ideas, expertise, concepts etc this is newsworthy information that would be of interest to trade publications.

2. Join social media sites – Yes, joining sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon etc can bring a lot of recognition as well as exposure. These sites are excellent outlets to promote business services.

3. Write articles for promotions – Use your expertise and write articles that can be submitted to sites like Ezinearticles.com. Also submit articles for publications to media resources with audiences that your company targets.

4. Launch a company blog – If you company does not have a company blog you can pitch your boss on the great branding exposure and how you can be the editor for the company blog.

5. Incorporate a personal blog – A great way to attract business is to start a personal blog and mentioning your business for brand exposure.

These are difficult economic times and you must use strategies that will help you to sustain. PR is an excellent way to standout in the crowd.

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