The term celebrity has become such a big part of the Presidential race that I thought I would discuss the topic. I feel that it is very necessary to define the word celebrity and what being a celebrity really means from a PR perspective. After all, it is the hard work of PR pros that help to create interest and demand for celebrities. I just let the cat out of the bag first; that’s right PR people help to create news. Well, we pitch it to the media and they push it on to the public.

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, a celebrity is defined as, “a widely-recognized or famous person who commands a high degree of public and media attention. The word stems from the Latin verb “celebrere” but they may not become a celebrity unless public and mass media interest is piqued. For example Virgin Director Richard Branson was famous as a CEO, but he did not become a global celebrity until he attempted to circumnavigate the globe in a hot air balloon.”

I hope that helps with understanding what a celebrity really is. The problem with the Presidential race is that Barack Obama is receiving more global public interest and media attention over John McCain for now. Obama is what we in the PR industry call a “Media Darling” and covering press on Obama is bound to promote mass public attention from all over. Those who report news need readers, viewers, listeners, fans, etc to survive and Obama is a hot media ticket.

So there you have it!

I know; I know John McCain has stressed interest that he does not want to be a celebrity. However, he wants to win the popular vote and claim the Presidential title. Then he should consider inviting Paris Hilton and Britney Spears to lunch over bashing them. The world is fascinated with both these ladies and hanging out with them draws mass media attention. McCain needs to increase his popularity among the American people and the world!

Barack Obama needs to Beware of Haters! According to Wiktionary, “One who expresses unfounded or inappropriate hatred or dislike, particularly if motivated by jealousy.” Yes, with celebrity fame and fortune there is jealousy and hatred. People are now accusing Obama of acting too much like the President and calling it a crime? Is that even possible? One lesson learned in PR, any subject is a possibility once it is released to the public!

Yes WE Can!

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