How easy is it to make AdAge Power150 list of daily ranking of marketing blogs? First off you need to have a blog, for those luxury PR firms and luxury brands that missed the memo that YOU should be blogging, LOL.
Entry on AdAge Power150 is not an easy task as you are scored and graded on every subject that makes your blog an Internet marketing and media guru. Literally, you have to be This Tall to Ride This Ride, inside joke for AdAge Power150 powerhouses.
The addition of Post Rank is really shaking things up for everyone holding down a number on the AdAge Power150. Never an ounce of time can be spent on being comfortable at any number because rank changes daily. Which is why creating some publicity buzz can enhance the post rank of your blog.
What this means is that making some Google news headlines, Twitter re-tweets and Facebook attractions tracked backed to your blog posts can increase your post rank!

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