The Punjab luxury train that will cost $400 a night and was expected to be delivered by December 2007 is still not rolling. Stakeholders (Tourism minister Ambika Soni and her counterpart in the railways Lalu Prasad) have let to sign to ink the memorandum of understanding! Delays are now costing Rs 20 crore and now have spiraled to Rs 50 crore. This problem is becoming a double whammy of a problem for Soni.

The Punjab train featured on the Rajasthan Palace on Wheels will target the rich NRIs and foreign tourist wanting to experience India nature of cultural and spiritual best. Delhi will be the starting point, running seven days round trip and visiting cities such as Amritsar, Anandpur Saheb, Pathankot, Kangra, Chandigarh, Kurukshetra, Jaipur and Agra. Full Story, click here

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