When it comes to online searches we all know that Google is King. It has become extremely important for luxury brands to understand the concept of key search words. Even more important, how to create a demand for key search words is a big task for PR firms today.

Google’s tool “I’m Feeling Lucky” is the most advanced search feature on the Internet. For example my firm focuses on luxury PR and I am a publicist. So, I would most likely want to create a demand for key search words “luxury pr publicist” to rank into Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” search. By the way this is organic, not paid advertising I am speaking of.

So how do you get a luxury brand to rank into Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky”??

Well, first you must understand that those who use Google as a search and option to click “I’m Feeling Lucky” expect to receive a one search answer result only that will take them directly their results.

Position soundbite for luxury brands

Make sure that your soundbite and story is expressed to be found on Google in an organic searches. What makes you standout from the crowd? The most important elements that will rank your luxury brand as #1 in Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” key search words.

Toot your luxury brand horn

Tell the world! Tell your story!

If you have a luxury brand and need some help with launching a PR campaign, please drop me an email at postmaster@mosnarcommunications.com .

This is not an invitation for representation, only an invitation to review your luxury brand to see if we would be a fit. Thanks for the opportunity!

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