I have seen so many PR professionals jumping to the limelight to give comments on Tiger Woods and his brand. Mostly saying this is what Tiger should do because I think so! Typically, many of them don’t even have a clue about branding positioning not to mention real crisis management for a mega brand, which was represented in their interviews and comments.

Here is a report that was well researched and identifies pros and cons of Tiger Woods Brand survival from perspectives of real PR Pros, not just the publicists and spin doctors. I don’t especially like this piece because they included me; well maybe I do because they did also include me. Anyways it really does give an extensive overview of Tiger Woods Brand and what it will take to put Tiger back together again.

Is Tiger still marketable? No brand can sustain without being marketable. The best thing for Tiger is that he built an organic sustainable brand over fluff. Sponsors should also consider that Tiger will not forget those who dropped him when he needed them most.

Please read PR Pros Proffer Brand-aid to Troubled Tiger
By Priyanka Palit


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