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Welcome to MC’s resources page! Here you will find our most sought after coveted list of top tools and sites recommended by our team for creating and building luxury brand content curation and digital marketing strategies.

These are specific resources which we heart and LOVE to use all the time when it comes to building luxury brand awareness and branding trustworthiness. Everything you need to make your luxury brand management run smoothly.

Eliminate, the agony of trying to figure out which technology will help take your luxury brand’s digital marketing strategy to the next level faster. Start using the right tools to drive more traffic to a luxury brand’s website and generate more online purchases.

Here are our top resources that we heart to grow a luxury brand online. We are proud to be a brand ambassador, partner affiliate, and endorse these amazing products, goods, and services!

Mosnar Communications Resources Luxury Brand Content Curation

Start by developing a luxury brand website and start blogging to create and distribute luxury content curation…This is the perfect solution to increase brand awareness and online purchases of luxury goods, products, and services.

Bluehost and WORDPRESS – # 1 Best Luxury Hosting and Domain Name Platform

Bluehost is the ideal choice to run your luxury brand’s website or blog on WordPress, this is mainly because they provide 24/7 WordPress Support! Which also requires no web development knowledge or coding skills to get started.  In a matter of minutes, a simple one-click WordPress Install is possible.

This is why MC recommends Bluehost hosting to run on WordPress for Luxury Brands:

  •  WordPress powers more than 25 percent of the world’s most popular websites.
  • Bluehost has long been recommended by WordPress and hosts more than 2 million WordPress sites.

At least 40% percent of all luxury purchases today are in some way being influenced by online experiences, luxury content curation is the best solution to target, attract, and engage with luxury consumers.

Traditionally, in the past luxury brands have relied on advertising to increase revenue growth. By operating different websites and blogs is the ultimate branding resource for connecting with luxury consumers online. Allowing luxury brands to farm niche SEO targets to drive digital online revenue.

  • By 2025, nearly one-fifth of personal luxury sales will take place online. – McKinsey
  • Millennials and Generation Z consumers drive 85% of luxury growth.
  • Creating rich, high-quality premium content is the key solution to achieving a luxury digital experience online.

Bluehost offers access to a wide variety of WordPress website themes. It’s so easy and simple to even set up an online e-commerce store without having coding skills. You don’t need to know programming skills to create a responsive website design with spectacular visual effects to sell luxury goods online.

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Mosnar Communications Resources Luxury Brand Content Curation main

The popularity of need for fast expert information is what makes digital delivery downloads at MC our biggest revenue generating source of income. Making it easier to capture more leads and generate revenue online by offering digital information for luxury goods, products, and services.

SendOwl – # 1 Best Luxury Digital Delivery Downloads Software

SendOwl is the best choice for luxury digital delivery downloads software.

In minutes setup to sell digital downloads, subscriptions & services automatically and securely with SendOwl. Works with any website, social network, blog or e-commerce store.

  • SendOwl is an e-commerce platform you can use to help sell luxury digital products online.
  • Global demand for digital transformation anticipated reaching around $431.71 billion by 2021.
  • No coding skills needed to create digital products, securely upload them to SendOwl and add a buy now option or add to cart button on your site.
  • Get a professional or customizable shopping cart that integrates with your current payment gateway.

SendOwl popular payment gateways and integrations include:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • ConvertKit
  • Shopify
  • Drip
  • Apple Pay
  • Bitcoin
  • Constant Contact
  • Google Analytics
  • AWeber
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • Zapier
  • Mailer lite
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Sendy
  • Infusionsoft
  • WishList
  • s2Member
  • Member Mouse
  • Mad Mimi

If you have the expertise to share, turn that knowledge into a luxury digital delivery download product.

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Mosnar Communications Resources Luxury Brand Content Curation email marketing

Building a list, using email marketing is the best way to grow a loyal audience for luxury branding. An email list for a luxury brand is the biggest asset to generate and grow online revenue.

ConvertKit – # 1 Email Marketing For Luxury Branding

ConvertKit is absolutely the best email marketing solution to grow a luxury brand audience. All the right features and benefits to increase conversions through automated email personalization. A much easier and better resource to organize and understand subscribers.

  • ConvertKit allows to easily setup email marketing to help with luxury branding, using a tag-based system that is much more efficient to manage subscribers and run automation.
  • Create dynamic emails and merge tags to subscribers based on buying behavior and individually target them later.
  • ConvertKit WordPress plugin makes it possible to track visitors to a site and apply tags accordingly.
  • Visual automation builder that’s lightning fast, with streamlined benefits to trigger and take action.

Building a list through email marketing presents the ultimate solution to capture more leads and sell more luxury goods online.

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*Disclaimer: is proud to endorse and love using the offers on this page and we do receive financial contributions when you make purchases from our recommendations, so thank you very much!