Revolve is one of the best places to start as a brand ambassador. So if you are a true Luxury PR Girl at heart, these starter tips will place you in top position over all the competition.


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Why is Revolve the ultimate online fashion partner?

Revolve is considered one of the best places to shop for top designer clothing brands online especially for women.

If you are obsessed with Instagram fashion blogger profiles, this is their little insider secret for finding affordable luxury designs. Outfits that look like they could cost several thousands of dollars. However, you can get fashionable designer looks at reasonable rates. A step up from many online sites that promise high fashion but offer poor quality merchandise. As the saying goes “you get what you pay for” and that’s so true!

Start with their Hot List, this is where you will find all the most-coveted essentials on the site. They feature the list in a curated style that’s inspired by their online shoppers.

Stay on top of the New Arrivals, being first to promote what’s new will set you apart from other luxury brand ambassadors.

How to work with Revolve?

MagicLinks is our content sponsor for this feature and through affiliate marketing promotions you can operate as a luxury brand ambassador to promote Revolve!

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