I checked out the new search engine that launched in April 2008, already in the top 50K in Alexa, not bad at all. What makes this new web address so exciting? Well, RushmoreDrive.com is named after the street where its Charlotte offices are located and it target black audiences. The search engine offers more than just search but also news, images, video and blogs.

According to President Johnny Taylor for Black Web Enterprises who owns RushmoreDrive.com blacks want “everything we already get from Google plus highly relevant news,” Taylor stresses. “RushmoreDrive will deliver a more relevant search with people who identify with being black.”

Is RushmoreDrive.com the very first all black focused search engine or portal? No, but it certainly has the right financing to do what the others could not. Black Web Enterprises’ parent company is IAC (InterActive Corp.), run by former Fox and Paramount chairman Barry Diller.

Taylor reveals, “It’s not just a black search engine and it’s not just a black technology. It’s where vertical meets search and creates this new thing,” states Taylor. “Identity search is going to be the way to go.”
I look forward to see how RushmoreDrive.com will drive the luxury industry for stats related to black consumer buying habits.

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