Now luxury lovers will have their own network for luxury data! and the Luxury Institute are joining forces.

Creating a partnership which enables clients to gain valuable knowledge of their target demographic and develop fluid business-to-business communications among the highly regarded luxury brands and services professionals within the network and the Luxury Institute’s community.

About Luxury Institute

The Luxury Institute is the impartial, independent, and objective ratings and research organization that is the trusted voice of the high net-worth consumer.
Our knowledge-based products deliver actionable insights to luxury goods and services firms that seek to create extraordinary experiences for their customers. The Luxury Institute provides a portfolio of proprietary publications, research and courses that guide and educate high net-worth individuals and the companies that cater to them on leading edge trends, high net-worth consumer rankings and ratings of luxury brands, and best practices. For more information, please visit

About was formed in 1998 as a means to connect high-end retailers with their growing global clientele online, which had not existed previously. As the $150 billion luxury industry expands and adapts, in kind, is enabling the affluent to quickly and conveniently find exceptional goods and services online worldwide while providing the ideal palette for luxury goods and services providers to engage this desirable demographic in a non-intrusive mutually beneficial manner. is a global resource dedicated to emphasizing charity, charitable events and the encouragement of acts of giving within the luxury sector by connecting companies and individuals to organizations with common goals. For more information, please visit

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