For the elite traveler luxury jets are the hottest demand for the 2010 holiday season. Creating an ambience that represents a posh lifestyle for flying. Who is buying the concept? The ultra rich want it and they want it bad.

What is the big secret for attracting wealthy consumers to pay $40 million for a luxury jet these days and more than $8 million to outfit it?

The formula is in the marketing strategy of presenting a lifestyle perception that focuses on environment. Luxury jets that reproduce the mood of home environments will be the big winners for the 2010 holiday season.  Features and benefits specifications will be high stakes to attract ultra rich consumers ready to buy.

With the drive to implement luxury brands in social media, luxury jets should strongly take advantage of this resource. Implementing social media engagement can help ultra rich consumers learn more about luxury jets products and services.

Could a Tweet influence you to buy a luxury jet? If it is engaging and informative it just might. You can expect to see more launch parties and events in luxury jets. Many multinational corporations and wealthy individuals will host parties aboard their luxury jets.

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