MC Services

MC offers creative advantages to sell more luxury goods, products, and services online. By working with luxury brands, luxury agencies, content marketing/ digital content marketing agencies, luxury brand ambassadors, luxury PR firms, luxury affiliate marketing representatives, etc.  We create content that tells the story for branding promotions through content marketing and digital content marketing management.

Luxury Marketing Strategies

Allow MC to serve as a dedicated content marketing and digital content marketing platform to feature expert advertorial storytelling for superior native advertising results.

Serving as an influential luxury content marketing and digital content marketing publisher for sponsored and branded features. Creating advertorials to assist luxury brands to retain their identity and target luxury audiences. A dynamic solution for content marketing that reveals the story behind luxury branding to build awareness and credibility.


Exclusive Design Inspiration Events

MC has organized some of the best exclusive design inspiration events for luxury car brands, personal luxury goods, luxury hotels, and luxury real estate. Holding private design inspiration events for luxury industry consumers, executives, entrepreneurs, professionals etc.

Offering custom V.I.P selective exclusive invitations to participate in design inspirations and studies. Top bragging rights to participate in luxury industry design inspiration events.

We assist luxury brands and luxury professionals with guiding research when it comes to design inspiration and studies. Provide private platforms for ultra-wealthy consumers to attend design inspiration events.


Mc offers expertise in content marketing and digital content marketing services to assist luxury brands with the following services featured on our platform:

  • Sponsored or Branded Content
  • Advertorials
  • In-Feed Ads
  • Content Widgets
  • Product Placement
  • Promoted Articles

Content Marketing / Digital Marketing Management

  • Luxury Content Marketing Strategy and Consulting
  • Luxury Content Marketing Campaigns
  • Luxury Digital Content Marketing Management
  • Luxury Blogging Content Marketing Management
  • Luxury News Content Marketing Strategy and Media Promotions
  • Luxury Video Content Marketing
  • Luxury White Paper Content Marketing
  • Luxury E-Book Content Marketing Copyright
  • Luxury Infographics Content Marketing
  • Luxury Email Content Marketing
  • Luxury Case Studies Content Marketing
  • Luxury Podcasts Content Marketing Management
  • Luxury How-to Guides Content Marketing
  • Luxury Q & A (Question and Answer) Content Marketing

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