When it comes to luxury public relations PR most brands are simply at a crossroads. They don’t know if they should speed up or slow down…. “Why is this happening?” The problem is brands are not setting public relations goals. No matter what’s hot, in or out the one thing that every brand still needs is strategic public relations. Luxury and lifestyle brands need PR the most.

The message that the brand delivers to the target audience is the perception of how the potential customer will see the brand….”What if you could influence how potential customers see your brand?” PR is the ability to engage and influence by communicating the brand’s message.

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Now take that a step further…..What if you could use trends to elevate the perception of how potential customer see your brand? Doing this would also make your brand that much more influential to the potential customers.

Lifestyle Promotions 

These are six lifestyle promotions hottest PR trends today that will drive engagement influence for brands. Use this as a guide for luxury public relations PR campaigns and increase revenue earnings.

#1 Video Promotions

Visual media is a great way to communicate with desired target audiences using video promotions. Create online videos to distribute on YouTube, Vine, etc. Reach mass global audiences using keyword strategy planning for video promotions headlines.

#2 Story Telling

The art of crafting the brand’s story is a fast solution to connect with desired target audiences. Story telling reveals the promise message and heritage of the brand. Telling their story helps to put the brand in control of media influence and credibility.

#3 Branded Content Marketing

Educate and inform the consumer through branded content marketing. Make sure that the content marketing media platform is also a branded match to a brand’s promise message. Content marketing must have a purpose and connection to the brand to reach desired target audiences.

#4 Exclusivity Niches

Luxury is not for the masses and exclusivity niches are the best solutions to engage wealthy consumers. Target wealthy audiences with exclusive offers, V.I.P invitations, members only promotions, etc.

#5 Marketing Mix

Don’t forget to add the marketing mix into public relations PR campaigns. Communicate features and benefits to support the brand’s message and promise to the desired target audiences. This will also benefit the productivity for selling more lifestyle goods and services.

#6 Customization Influence

Products that allow customers to show off customization influence creates strong brand awareness presence. For example monograms are really great  for customers to express their individual creation attached to a brand’s message.

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Photo credits Luxurymonograms.com

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