Okay, I confess I am officially obsessed simply wild about Facebook as a global marketing tool. And incorporating Facebook and Twitter in your marketing strategy can really put you on the map. I’m talking about solutions that can make your brand a global leader. That’s just how powerful of a tool Facebook is for online image presence.

However, most businesses in general are still not using Facebook to enhance their brand credibility. Remember just because you build it does not mean the masses will come. In fact because Facebook audiences are so massive, you will need to develop a strategic plan and approach to attract desired target audiences within Facebook.

Why is a Facebook Fan Page so important for brands? Think real-time search results, target audience engagement, and brand awareness. Do you need a solution for how to reach specific audiences for targeting, attracting, engaging, promoting, marketing, educating, etc? Well, that is why Facebook Fan Pages are so useful.

Should you really ditch your website for a Facebook Fan Page? Most likely you should not but you should however, shift gears as to using your Facebook Fan Page as your website and your actual website as a promotional tool to direct interest to your Facebook Fan Page.

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