Most luxury brands simply don’t understand how to engage audiences in social media. So when people ask me how did we build a strong following of over 3000 plus followers tweeting about 99% luxury PR? Certainly the subject of luxury PR may not be what you would think a lot of people on Twitter will find interesting. The way we built our Twitter following was utilizing specialty tweets.

I have never been excited about having tons of followers on Twitter that did not add value or related to my tweet cloud (tweet cloud are the subjects you tweet about the most). While it is very important for luxury brands to engage in social media, it is also vital for them to build credibility among social media networks. It will be much harder for luxury brands to attract luxury consumers in social media if they lack brand awareness credibility.

Specialty Tweets

To implement specialty tweets luxury brands must provide audiences with resourceful information about certain subject matters. When luxury brands offer specialty tweets to their target audience they are giving back.

Take for example @UrbanLuxury

This Twitter profile offers specific specialty tweets related to urban luxury. Providing news, links, and updates about subjects related to the urban luxury market.

Luxury brands must learn how to implement specialty tweets that represent the perception of their luxury brand. Specialty tweets should be released to build credibility related to subject matters. This allows luxury brands to build expert credibility in social media.

Right now Wine is a very hot subject in social media. You see more and more wine clubs, wine tasting, etc.

@Winebrain offers specialty tweets on the subject of wine related topics and issues. This allows the Twitter profile to build credibility in social media as a 100% wine brain and not a bad recognition when you consider the value of the interest in wine for social media.

Luxury brands can build credibility in social media tweeting about newsworthy topics. The major problem for many luxury brands is that they don’t understand how to communicate what is newsworthy to build credibility in social media. The same rules as why luxury brands often need PR help. PR known as public relations are how a luxury brand communicates with the public. So for the same reasons luxury brands also need help with social media relations.

The best way to build credibility in social media for luxury brands is to work with an experienced luxury PR firm that understands the cultural of luxury and what specialty tweets will build credibility in social media. Mosnar Communications, Inc has a new service designed to help luxury brands with social media campaigns, check it out.

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