Why can’t you just build your own Twitter profile and Tweet your own promotional ads? After all Twitter is a free service and you should not have to pay someone to sponsor a Tweet for your business, right? Could it be that sponsored Tweets are trusted more than direct promotional Tweets?

Well, surprisingly sponsored Tweets are trusted among Twitter profiles that have built subject matter credibility. Which big companies are recognizing that it is not how many followers a Twitter profile has but how much influence related to the subject matter they Tweet about.

Take for example we manage several Twitter profile pages that all focus on subject matters. This allows us to build credibility among our followers and organic attraction aimed at specific target audiences. As a luxury PR firm we treat our Twitter profiles as communications resources to deliver our message. However, in social media different rules of engagement are necessary.

If you have a brand focused on urban luxury you should engage sponsored Tweet ads through Twitter profiles that focus on that specific subject matter such as @UrbanLuxury.

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