Better late than never brand Tiger Woods is about the break his silence. The once held spotless reputation now in deep trouble will confront the media on this Friday. I suspect the entire world will be watching and listening to what Tiger has to say. Most likely even President Barack Obama will even tune in.  
Which brings me to the real concern what will Tiger Woods likely say? Well, expect a political PR style apology to his family especially wife Elin and of course his fans and  sponsors.  You should expect Elin to be present during the press conference.
Woods will speak at the clubhouse this Friday at the TPC Sawgrass which is the headquarters of the PGA Tour in Florida. The news conference is expected to occur during the middle of the Accenture Match Play Championship, also one of the sponsors who dropped Woods during the sex scandal outbreak.
Keep in mind we have been warned that media access will be limited. Did Woods sponsors react too soon? Do you really think Tiger Woods brand can make a full comeback??
Tiger Woods is back!

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